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Your Modern Ship / Marine Survey Partner Company in Sanghi & jakhau Port

V-OCEAN is more then just a service provider - we help our customer achive their business goal on time and affordable cost.

V-OCEAN is a well reputed, professionally managed, well established new generation equipped organization offering entire SHIP MARINE SURVEY solution to our clients in Sanghi & jakhau Port.

We undertake various type of survey i.e. Draft Survey, On-Off hire & Condition Survey, Bunker Survey, Hold / Tank Inspection Services, Hatch Sealing / Unsealing Survey loading or unloading of cargo, Cargo Survey (Pre-Shipment, Loading & Unloading supervision), Port Captaincy, Load Test & Annual Inspection of Cargo Gears (Crane, loose gears, grabs etc.), Hull & Machinery Survey, P & I Conditions Survey, Pre-Purchase Inspection, ISM & ISPS Internal Audit, MLC Audit, Ship Valuation, Flag State Inspection, Ullage Survey..

We handle around 1000+ jobs annually in Marine Survey with full satisfactory of our customer.

Our Services List

Bunker Survey

Draft Survey

Hatch Inspection

On-Off Hire & Condition Survey

Our Ship / Marine Survey Services Range in Sanghi & jakhau Port.

• Draft Survey
• Various types of Bunker Surveys
• Hold / Tank Inspection
• Hatch Sealing / Unsealing Survey
• Ultrasonic Test of Hatch Covers
• Cargo Survey (Pre-Shipment inspection, Loading & Unloading supervision)
• Load Test & Annual Inspection of Cargo Gears
• Hull & Machinery Survey
• P & I Conditions Survey
• Pre-Purchase Inspection
• ISM & ISPS Internal Audit
• MLC Audit
• Ship Valuation
• Vetting Inspection
• Ullage Survey
• Cargo Testing & Analysis

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