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Hazira Port [Essar]

Last Updated: 14 Mar 2023

Essar Bulk Terminal, an-all weather, Deep-Draft Terminal is advantageously located on the mouth of Tapi Estuary along the western side of Hazira Peninsula in Gulf of Khambhat, under Magdalla Port of Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB).

Brief Details

UN Locator Code INHZA
Location Latitude: 21° 05' N
Longitude: 72° 39' E
Anchorage Area updated soon.....
Pilot boarding The terminal provides pilotage and tugs for berthing / unberthing operations. Terminal pilots are available round the clock.
Maneuvering time from Anchorage to Berth updated soon.....
VHF Channel Number VHF channels 16 and 71 are guarded. Other channels can be worked on request.
Water Density updated soon.....
Weather updated soon.....
BA Charts required updated soon.....
Stevedoring Working Hrs updated soon.....
Tide The Tidal Range is as per below:
-CD 0.00m;
-Mean Sea Level: +4.42m;
-Mean Low Water Springs +1.53m;
-Mean High Water Springs +7.31m;
-Mean Low Water Neaps +3.06m;
-Mean High Water Neaps +5.78m.
Discharge Facility 1) 4 Gantry Cranes of Capacity 2500 TPH, each.
Vessel Age Permitted 25 Years & subject to class approved by DG SHIPPING.
Minimum Crane Outreach updated soon.....

Terminal Details

Shore Crane
Berth No LOA(Mrts) Beam(Mtrs) Draft(Mtrs) DWT Qty SWL Cargo Handled
Berth-1 300 - 12 to 14 - - - Bulk Berth
Berth-2 300 - 12 to 14 - - - Bulk Berth
Berth-3 300 - 12 to 14 - - - Multipurpose
Berth-4 300 - 12 to 14 - - - Multipurpose
Berth-5 250 - 12 to 14 - - - Multipurpose

General Details

Vessel Restriction Note :

updated soon.....

Navigation Details :

Navigation Channel: Refer Chart IN 2108

Length = Existing 7 km
Depth = Existing 12 m
Width = Existing 300 m
Turning Circle with diameter 600 m
Tugs: 3 dedicated tugs with bollard pull of 60 tons, 60 tons and 65 tons respectively

Dredgers: Terminal has fleet of dredgers for maintaining the depth of the Navigation Channel

Cargo Handling & Loading & Discharing Rate

1) Bulk Cargo Handling Services: Mechanized handling of bulk cargo through ship unloaders and conveyor belts connected to the stockyard by stacker cum reclaimer.

2) Break Bulk Cargo Handling: Handling break bulk cargo such as Steel Products – Coils, Plates, Pipes and Project Cargo.

Port Equipment related information.

1) 2 Liebherr Mobile Harbor Cranes (LHM 500) with 140 MT hook capacities.

2) Forklifts ranging 15 MT SWL to 30 MT SWL.

3) Payloaders , Trucks, Trailers etc.

4) 4 Gantry Cranes of Capacity 2500 TPH, each.

5) Dedicated Mechanized Storage yard for Bulk Cargo such as Iron Ore, Coal, Met Coke, Limestone.

6) Dedicated Yards for Steel and General Cargo.

Vessel Husbandry Services Details

1) Waste Reception Facilities: Sludge and Garbage reception through authorized vendors is available on request.

2) Agency Services: Terminal has a dedicated agency division for vessel clearance.

Marine Tariff

a) Foreign Vessel USD 0.271 Once in 30 days for each vessel.
b) Coastal Vessel Rs.6.306 Once in 30 days for each vessel.
c) Tug Ferry and River ship Rs. 7.567 Once in 90 days for each vesse.
-Port dues are statutory dues and payable to GMB with the above rates as per Gujarat Government Gazette Notification.
-Port dues will be levied in advance and shall be payable before the vessel enters the port water.
-If a vessel during its stay in port changes its character from a coastal vessel to foreign vessel or vice versa, the vessel related charges will be levied as per the charges specified for foreign vessels.

a) Foreign Vessel Rate per GRT per day USD 0.134.
b) Coastal Vessel Rate per GRT per day Rs. 3.153
c) Other Craft (Tug/barges and other harbor crafts) Rs.3.787 per day or Rs. 94.583 per month.

a) Foreign/Coastal Vessels charges USD 3.25 per GRT (Rate includes one berthing and one Un - Berthing or one Inward and one outward movement).
b) Specific Terms & Conditions:-
-Pilotage Services is provided by EBTL for all the vessels navigating in the Navigation Channel whether by entry, leaving or shifting within the Terminal shall be under the charge of a pilot. EBTL maintains the Depth of the Navigation Channel by way of Maintenance Dredging and keep the channel marked by buoys and beacons.
-Pilotage charges shall be levied and payable in advance before rendering any pilotage or navigational assistance to the vessel. Use of electronic Navigation Equipment (Harbour Pilot) will be at the discretion of Pilots.
-Pilotage boarding time will be intimated by the Terminal authorities to the vessel agent/Vessel master.

4) PILOTAGE CANCELLATION CHARGES :-Once Pilot Boarding Time is notified and accepted by the vessel/Agents, any cancellation of pilot on account of vessel will be charged as below:-
a) Before Departure of the Pilot for boarding – USD 10000
b) After Departure of the Pilot for boarding - USD 15000

5) PILOTAGE ATTENDANCE CHARGES:- This is levied on the vessel when the master of the Vessel request the Terminal to post Pilot on board for the safety of the vessel.
a) Pilot Attendance Charges at the Berth : Rs. 25,000 per hour.

a) Transportation for passenger – maximum 5 persons to Anchorage only (per tug per trip) or for carriage of stores/spares.
-Rs. 1,50,000/- for maximum 4 hours and Rs. 50,000/- for every hour thereafter.
b) Tug hire charges for any activity for tug assistance at berth other than personnel transfer.
-Rs. 20,000/- per hour per tug
c) Tug Hire For Towage of Barge
-Rs.2,25,000 per tug per movement

a) INR 4.84 per GRT

Above restrictions / information are current and are subject to change without any prior intimation from port authorities