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Your Modern Ship / Marine Survey Partner Company in Angre port.

V-OCEAN is more then just a service provider - we help our customer achive their business goal on time and affordable cost.

V-OCEAN is a well reputed, professionally managed, well established new generation equipped organization offering entire SHIP MARINE SURVEY solution to our clients in Angre port.

We undertake various type of survey i.e. Draft Survey, On-Off hire & Condition Survey, Bunker Survey, Hold / Tank Inspection Services, Hatch Sealing / Unsealing Survey loading or unloading of cargo, Cargo Survey (Pre-Shipment, Loading & Unloading supervision), Port Captaincy, Load Test & Annual Inspection of Cargo Gears (Crane, loose gears, grabs etc.), Hull & Machinery Survey, P & I Conditions Survey, Pre-Purchase Inspection, ISM & ISPS Internal Audit, MLC Audit, Ship Valuation, Flag State Inspection, Ullage Survey..

We handle around 1000+ jobs annually in Marine Survey with full satisfactory of our customer.

Our Services List

Bunker Survey

Draft Survey

Hatch Inspection

On-Off Hire & Condition Survey

Our Ship / Marine Survey Services Range in Angre port.

• Draft Survey
• Various types of Bunker Surveys
• Hold / Tank Inspection
• Hatch Sealing / Unsealing Survey
• Ultrasonic Test of Hatch Covers
• Cargo Survey (Pre-Shipment inspection, Loading & Unloading supervision)
• Load Test & Annual Inspection of Cargo Gears
• Hull & Machinery Survey
• P & I Conditions Survey
• Pre-Purchase Inspection
• ISM & ISPS Internal Audit
• MLC Audit
• Ship Valuation
• Vetting Inspection
• Ullage Survey
• Cargo Testing & Analysis

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