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Vessel & Cargo Chartering


V-OCEAN - Port Bulk Cargo Ship

Find List of Bulk Cargo Ship to Charter to Sea Transport your goods from one country to other country as

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V-OCEAN - Port Project Cargo Ship

Heavy Lift Cargoes ae unique which required very careful Planning & coordinationat at location of loadi

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V-OCEAN - Port Break-Bulk Cargo Ship

Break Bulk Cargo Sea Transportation comes from older phrase “breaking bulk”. The Break-Bulk Ships hav

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V-OCEAN - Port Bulk Cargo

Bulk Cargo Sea Transported by Bulk Carrier vessel majorly, The Cargo Such as Grain, Fertilizer, Steel Ind

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V-OCEAN - Port Break-Bulk Cargo

Break-Bulk Cargo transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels – or items of extreme length or

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V-OCEAN - Port Project Cargo Order

Project, Heavy-Lift Cargo need Specialized Ship to transport one port to other port, Project & heavy-Lift

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V-OCEAN - Port Time Charter Order

The shipowner leases a vessel to a charterer for a fixed period of time, and they are free to sail to any

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V-OCEAN - Port Ship Sales & Purchase

Ship Sales or Purchase work with three main stages which include (1) the negotiation and contract stage,

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V-OCEAN - Port Ship Demolition

The demolition market assists in balancing the supply and demand in the shipping industry and from that p

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