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Welcome to V-OCEAN Ship

V-OCEAN claims it strength being its strategic positioning in the dynamic markets of the Middle East, South East Asia, India and Africa.

Our integrated network and strong grip of these key trading and commercial centers enables us to provide world class services to our customers.

If looking for expertise with local knowledge and local relationships to expedite and optimize the movement of your cargo, vessels and crew; look no further as V-OCEAN caters to all your needs.

Our Vision

To Foster a long-term and trustworthy relationship with our business partners and stand rock solid on our values to provide a competitive business with the highest quality standards; hence making our way towards becoming leaders in the Shipping Industry

Our Mission

The aim of the company is to give quality service 24X7 and provide latest Information and News to our customers enabling them to make Right Decision on Right Time and Place.

Organized in a Team of Shipping Professionals, Some Veteran and some new, who are able to offer Ship Owners / Charterers / Container Line / Operators First – Class service, attending their vessel / boxes / equipment’s / crew and cargo with efficiency and expertise.

The commercial expertise is knitted with Professional Management is set to meet all challenges of assorted Bulk Shipping and Containerized Cargo Services

Our Team

V-OCEAN Shipping Line has a substantial team of multinational, multi-lingual and experienced shipping professionals on board.

Every member of V-OCEAN is committed to individual customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering top-notch quality services.

Our Value

• Excellence
• Integrity
• Standardization
• Reliability
• Value for Money
• Commitment
• Innovation


We are building a strong network of V-OCEAN partners to connect the power of strategic alliances with specialist service providers and strong local players to serve the international shipping, logistics and marine communities. We want to collaborate with best-in-class experts who can benefit from the greater exposure and access to the global market that comes with association with the well-established and respected V-OCEAN Group. In exchange, our partners gain access to the V-OCEAN world with our global customer base and marketing infrastructure.

We invite to join us as partnership for below specific services to our customers.

  • Port Agency
  • Custom Broker
  • Freight Broker (LCL & FCL)-(Air-Sea-Land)
  • Ship Charterers
  • Local Logistics