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Mundra Port Declaration on usage of complaint fuel on-board the vessels.

07 Aug 2021

Dear Sirs,


With refer to the DG shipping guidelines 02/2019 dated 28th August 2019, the sulphur content of any fuel oil used on board ship outside emission control areas shall not exceed 0.5% on and after 1st Jan 2020. For compliance of DG guidelines port has already taken initiative and issued circular as well as trade notice 07/2021 regarding Permission for usage of open loop Scrubber in Port limit. However, it has been observed that no proper declaration for use of scrubber system in case open loop. All vessels those are arriving with non-complaint fuel and using open loop scrubber has to inform Port well in advance.


In case any mis-declaration found, vessel will be fine with 3 times of normal charges Permission for uses of scrubber system in case open loop.


This is for information and strictly compliance of Guidelines.


Best Regards,

Hitesh Halvadiya

Port operation center – Marine Services | Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd