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Your needs, Our Mission

07 May 2022

Not every success story tells us the truth of their hard work, we admire your business and care of your shipping & logistics project needs. 

let us tell you we believe in quality and satisfaction services for our customers, for that we cost no matter what circumstance been through. catch us at md@voceanship.com

Custom Clearance Service

02 May 2022

It is the process of bringing goods into a country and out of a country by passing through the customs authority.
For this crucial part of your cargo need an expert and licensed customs clearance agent or organization
V-Ocean shipping Line provides logistics solutions to meet your import and export business needs.

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Procedure of Custom Clearance of Imported Goods

24 Dec 2020

We have a professional clearance team, who ensure that our customers use as few resources as possible on the clearing process,

The delay of the clearing process is reduced to allow you to gain in time.

We know the customs regimentation and carefully apply it and also counselor our customers.